Male Infertility Causes

Male Infertility Causes

If you are having problems conceiving after having unprotected sex with your partner for over a year, it’s possible that you may have male factor infertility.

There are three main categories that can contribute to male factor infertility:

1. General Health and Wellbeing

The male reproductive system is delicate, and might not operate perfectly if your general health is poor. There are a great number of lifestyle and general heath factors may cause poor fertility:

2. Testicular Problems

Sperm is produced in your testes, and this means that any problems with the testes can cause problems with your fertility.

You can be born with genetic testicular problems or suffer them later in life due to trauma, surgery, chemotherapy/radiotherapy or infection.
Some common testicular conditions include:

3. Problems With Sperm Drainage

There are some situations when the sperm that you produce is healthy, but unable to drain. The blockage can be anywhere from the testicle itself, to the tip of the penis. The most common cause of a sperm drainage problem is a vasectomy.
Some problems causing a blockage of sperm drainage are:

How to diagnose male infertility?

If you've previously had a vasectomy, then the cause may be obvious and a vasectomy reversal may be considered.

In other cases, an analysis of the semen in combination with testing of your hormones (FSH, LH, Testosterone) will be the first step. In cases where there is an absence of sperm without a blockage or a clear cause (a testicular problem), genetic testing will be offered.

We’ll conduct a comprehensive examination and talk to you about your medical history and address any concerns you might have.

Ultrasound imaging may be offered to help diagnose a testicular problem or a problem with sperm drainage.

With this information we can recommend treatment that can help you resolve your infertility problem. Options may range from from non surgical advice, to vas reconstruction, varicocele repair or microsurgical sperm extraction.

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