Vasectomy Reversal Surgery Cost

The cost of vasectomy reversal surgery is based on 3 factors, this includes surgery fees, anaesthesiology fees and operating theatre costs.

  1. Surgery Fees
  2. Anaesthesiology Fees
  3. Operating Theatre Costs

Costs for surgery fees only vary based on whether the patient has or doesn’t have private health insurance. Out of pocket prices for reversal surgery fees for privately insured patients depend on your health fund.

As prices do vary based your health insurance provider, the type of coverage and the operating theatre where your surgery takes place please contact our rooms for an estimate on

Sub-specialty Knowledge

Patients should be seen by a surgeon with genuine interest and training in their condition.

Multidisciplinary Care

With associated allied health specialists we can offer broad and holistic care.

Rapid Assessment and Diagnosis

Waiting for an appointment or a diagnosis is distressing. With more surgeons we are able to offer appointments quickly.

All The Options

As a group we can manage all urological conditions. Between us we offer a wide range of treatment options so that the patient can make an informed decision.

A Collaborative Approach

Two heads are better than one… and six are even better. We work together to give patients the benefit of over 50 years accumulated experience.

Continuous Cover

With six surgeons working together, Perth Urology Clinic is always available! If your primary surgeon is away there will be internal cover, as well as 24 hour emergency access for your GP.

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